We see fitness as a project.  Whether its short term or long term, The Fitness Project represents the relationship with health, fitness and weight management that we all have.

You might have an important date in the calendar such as a wedding or holiday, or you may be looking to build and develop a sustainable training routine.  Whatever your fitness goal or ambitions, The Fitness Project can help you achieve it.



Here at The Fitness Project we have two very popular products that we offer, both are specifically designed to help you reach your goals with maintable results! 

Fitness & Fat Loss Camp 

Our Fitness & Fat Loss Camp has proved incredibly popular over the past year it has been running! With 3 different locations to choose from and a total of 9 different sessions every week no matter what your busy schedule you can always get a session in! Training in a group environment with 10-20 people, each session will see you using a huge range of movements and exercies to get the results you want! 

Personal Training

Private Coaching and Training sessions are held at Boar City CrossFit and are 100% tailored to you! If you have a big event coming up a wedding, holiday or you just want to get fitter, leaner and improve overall health, we have a variety of prices and plans to suit! 

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